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Airbnb and Short Term Rental News


This page has snippets and links to all the latest Airbnb and Short Term Rental in the UK and around the world that I’ve read. I hope you find it a useful way to keep up with industry trends too!

November 2020

Massive growth in online travel market predicted. Watch out for Ctrip (China) Priceline, Expedia and Airbnb

November 2020

If you think Covid has ruined our industry, you couldn’t be more wrong. The online travel market and the growth in short term rentals is set to be phenomenal. Check out this piece on Eurowire for more information. 


EU Hits Airbnb with tough regulation – and more to come

November 2020

As the EU continues its assault on digital companies, Airbnb and other travel companies are looking at stiff regulation – and it’s coming soon!

Check out this article in the FT for more details.


Airbnb kicks users off site – but account suspended in error – again?

November 2020

How many times have we heard this? People – hosts and guests being banned from the site. Read more on thehearald.net


October 2020

Board Approves Share Split Ahead of $3billion IPO

25th October 2020

Bookings rebound from Airbnb after the pandemic more quickly than anticipated, the IPO of Airbnb is big news.

Check out this article on Yahoo Finance for more details.


Booking.com hits out at EU rules

Brussels aiming huge changes at big technology, Booking.com is now in the firing line. Read the full article from the Financial Times here.


25th October 2020

Amid the chaos and panic of the coronavirus, some European cities seeing the opportunity to go back to the old normal without the proliferation of short-term rentals.

Will this really happen?

I don’t think so read this article from the New York Times to find out more.


March 2020

Airbnb Scores Reservations for Risk Using Social Media – vice.com

Airbnb scores reservations using social media including looking for traits like psychopathy, neuroticism, badness, goodness, antisocial tendencies, openness, and more.

It uses a confidential algorithm to judge how trustworthy you are, and mines your social media for sex work, porn, drugs, alcohol, swear words, and more! According to Vice.com (5-minute read – opens in new tab).



Aging white females attract more Airbnb Customer – fastcompany.com

28th February 2020

According to the article “An Airbnb photo of an older, smiling female host will attract more guests than any other demographic, according to new research out of Hebrew University with big implications for profile photos on platforms ranging from Uber to eBay”

Read the article here! (5-minute read – opens in new tab)


February 2020


Airbnb expansion in UK is ‘out of control’, politician warns – Independent.co.uk

22 February 2020

There are particular cities that have concentrations of more than 20 times the national average including Edinburgh and parts of Devon with almost 1/4 of all properties being listed on Airbnb! Read the full article here. (Opens in a new tab 5-8 minute read).


The most wish-listed Airbnb properties of the past decade – cnbc.com

23 February 2020

Did you know that since it’s inception Airbnb how includes such residences as French castles, Mexican bubble domes, American sheep wagons and Finnish igloos according to CNBC.

The platform has also recently launched Airbnb Luxe with what is says are truly 5 star offerings. Is this the future of the platform? You can read the full CNBC article here. (Opens in new tab, 5-minute read).