Recommended Dining Products for Airbnb Hosts

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Dining Sets

For plates, I would go with the amazon basics dining set. Don’t let the name ‘basics’ put you off. They’re high quality, and we use them in all of our apartments.

We keep two extra sets in stock so that when something gets broken it can be replaced immediately.

If you’re looking for something a little more upmarket, you should consider the Waterside – 32 Piece Grey & White Raindrop Dinner Set. We use this at home and it’s extremely stylish, and not that much more expensive than the Amazon basics set.


I highly recommend the Argon Tableware Hiball Glasses. They look stylish, are very well-reviewed on Amazon, and are easy to replace. I buy them in packs of 24 as they’re cheaper that way, and means I always have some spare.

The Dartington Crystal wine glass set is an extremely classy set of wine glasses. And come in at a relatively cheap £24.

They are very highly reviewed and therefore won’t go out of stock.

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